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Q How Does Oodlesbid.com work?

Oodlesbid.com is a high-end auction site, unlike any other online auction site you may have used. This is a serious online auction site with the best luxury lifestyle items to bid on, most of which you won't find on other sites. Here, you can win an auction for a fraction of the cost compared to the retail value of the item.

Oodlesbid.com auctions take skill to win. You should take the time to familiarize yourself and carefully read the HOW TO BID directions and understand the complexities of the auction. When you are ready to start bidding, we strongly suggest you start with one of the bidding auctions listed on the FUN FAST AUCTIONS category. Once you have learned the dynamics of the auction, you should work your way up to bidding for some of the fantastic items being auctioned off in other categories.

Q What does it mean that the auction has to be fully subscribed?

First, it is highly recommended that you read thoroughly the HOW TO BID on Auctions Page before you start trying to bid on any auction. There is a full explanation as to how auctions work. When you have decided on which category you would like to bid on an item in, you have to purchase bids that are specific to only that one auction. Once you have done that, you now have subscribed to bid on that group of items displayed. Others will be doing the same thing and once the requisite number of bidders has subscribed to your auction, we then determine that the auction has been Fully Subscribed. At that time you will be sent a notice via email or other contact medium you have provided Oodlesbid.com at registration notifying you when your auction is set to begin. You will have a minimum of three (3) days advance notice. It is just like a real auction in that a date and time are set for the auction to begin.

Q Where can I purchase a Bid Package?

You can purchase a bid package after reading the HOW TO BID instructions displayed on the site. Next look at the nine categories displayed on the screen and determine which categories and which specific auctions you wish to bid on. You will notice there is a price shown for the bid package pertaining to each category. You may then follow the steps indicated to purchase a bid package.

Oodlesbid.com strongly urges you to start bidding in the FUN FAST AUCTIONS category so you can learn the dynamics of bidding on an Oodlesbid.com auction. Once you get the hang of it and are comfortable in your understanding of how the bidding works, then move up to one of the other categories at your discretion. Winning an Oodlesbid.com auction is not about who has the most money, they are about who has the best skill to bid.

Q How do I place a bid?

You place a bid by using the BID NOW button prominently displayed on the screen. After you have read the HOW TO BID section, choose a category you wish to bid on. Oodlesbid.com strongly suggests that you start your bidding with the FUN FAST AUCTIONS category as it will allow you to learn the dynamics of the bidding process.

Q How does bidding work?

Bidding on an Oodlesbid.com auction is different than bidding on most other auction sites, here is why. When bidding on most other online auction sites you can buy an endless amount of bids, but on Ooodlesbid.com each auction you choose to bid on comes with a predetermined amount of bids to use during your auction. You cannot buy more bids. Oodlesbid.com designers and developers designed the auction around fairness and skill. When bidding on an Oodlesbid.com auction you are hoping that the other bidders will bid until their bids are all gone. The goal is to have bids remaining when the clock is running out at the end of the auction.

The bidding works by using the countdown timer displayed on the screen. The timer first indicates when your auction will start. After you have received your notice as to when your auction will start, try and get to your computer or smart device at least ten (10) minutes early. This will give you the time to get online and proceed to your scheduled auction and register. Once you have made contact with your auction, you will notice there is a countdown clock counting down to the start of the auction. Once the countdown clock reaches zero (0) you need to be ready to start bidding.

The timer starts out at 20 seconds and every time someone bids, the timer resets itself for a fresh 20 seconds. Several people may have bid at the same time and every bid is stacked and recorded in the database in the order the bids were captured and it happens quickly. Here is when the bidding skills that you learned from bidding in FUN FAST AUCTIONS comes in handy. Keep in mind that just because someone bids does not mean you have to bid. You want everyone to use up their bids to keep the clock resetting. However, if you see the clock at zero (0), your hope is that someone in the auction will bid to reset the clock, but if you do not think anyone is going to bid as you see the clock going 3-2-1, you may have to bid to keep the auction going. That of course is your call.

If the bidding is slow, the clock will automatically change from a 20 second clock to a 15 second or even a 10 second clock so pay close to attention to the time mode- 20-15 or 10 seconds. The bidder who places the last bid when the clock runs out regardless of what mode the timer is in wins the auction and will receive their choice of one of the three items displayed in their auction.

Q Why is time always added to the clock?

As explained in The HOW TO BID information and in the FAQ’s number 5 above, time is added to the countdown timer because someone has placed a bid. The timer could be in one of three different modes. The auction always starts out in the 20 seconds mode and switches to 15 seconds in order to speed up the bidding process. If bidding is still slow the clock may switch to its final phase which is a 10 second time clock and will remain there until the auction is over and someone has won. Always be cognizant of the clocks mode, it is a crucial part of the auction.

Q When does an auction end?

There are two ways an auction can end. An auction can end when everyone is out of bids and the last bid captured wins the auction. The other way an auction can end is that during the bidding process everyone waits to see if someone else is going to bid and reset the timer clock then if no one does and the timer goes to zero, the last bid captured wins the auction.

Q Can I see who else I am bidding against?

Yes, when bidding starts the last ten bidders are shown on the screen. However, because of the speed of the collection processor your bid my not show up on the screen and if it does it will be there for a fraction of a second unless everyone has stopped bidding. The system captures each and every bid and stores them in an auction database file which is kept by the company.

Q I placed a bid, and it did not register on the auction. What happened?

Every time you click the Bid Now button during an auction on OodlesBid.com, information is sent from your computer to our website servers. While extremely rare, there are a few things that can cause a breakdown in communication between your PC and our servers. The most common cause of this issue is a temporary interruption in service from your internet provider. Another possible cause is a malware or virus infection on your computer. We recommend that you keep your security software up to date, and also recommend that you perform routine maintenance and security scans.

Q I placed a bid right near the last second, and I did not win? How come?

OodlesBid.com has spent many hours and resources on making our auctions and the servers they reside on as fast as possible. Unfortunately, even with high speed internet access, it still takes time for data to travel from your computer to our server. Our auction software takes every bid placed and determines that last one it received. While you were fast, someone else was just a fraction of a second faster.

Q I won an auction, now what?

Wow! Good for you. Your win will be shown on the site at the end of the auction and it has been recorded in the database. You will first be notified and congratulated via email indicating that we recognize you as a winner and then you will receive a phone call to discuss the one item you have chosen from the three displayed in your auction. Arrangements will then be made with a customer representative to get your chosen item to you. See HOW TO BID information as it explains in further detail how much time you have to choose your item which is based on the different categories, such as cars, boats, and trips.

Q Where can I view a listing of my bid history?

Your bid history can be found by clicking on the account icon in the top right hand corner of your screen, and the clicking on the 'My Auctions' link.

Q Is there an auto bid feature?

No, there is not an auto bid feature because OOdlesbid.com does not have an auction style that allows for an auto bid feature.

Q Are products that you auction off all brand new?

Each category has a different time frame pertaining to when you will receive or prize. All winners in every category have three business days to choose their item. Once that has been done OOdlesbid.com has 10 business days to deliver your item. In the three Auto Categories and the Fun Toys category after the winner has chosen the vehicle or vessel they want, OOdlesbid.com has 5 business days to make arrangements to get you your item and then OOdlesbid.com has 21 days to deliver your item. In some cases where an item is out of stock or not immediately available a notice will be sent to the winner alerting them as to when the date of delivery is expected to be.

Q How is Oodlesbid.com not gambling?

The answer is one of a legal nature. Our legal team at OOdlesbid.com has explained that there are two main test rules governing online auctions. One test rule has to do with how an auction works, and the other test rule has to do with Games of Skill VS Games of Chance. We believe that we have developed the ultimate auction site that meets or exceeds these parameters.

Q Is there a limit to the number of auctions that I could win?

No, you can bid on and win as much as you would like.

Q Is Oodlesbid.com available in my country?

Right now OOdlesbid.com is only in the United States but the company has plans to file the necessary paperwork so as to be able to hold auctions in Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.

Q Where can I see how many bids I have remaining in my auction?

At the bottom of the auction page, there will be a large blue number labeled as bids remaining.

Q Where do I go to submit a review?

You may submit a review via the support button located on the footer of each page on OOdlesbid.com

Q What goes into a good review?

Just let us know how you feel about your experience on the site, good and bad! We're very interested in making OODlesbid.com the best it can possibly be, and for that we need feedback from you, the customer!

Shipping and Delivery

Q Shipping Costs.

OOdlesbid.com is responsible for all shipping costs.

Q Where does Oodlesbid.com ship to?

OOdlesbid.com makes arrangements with each winner so as to determine the best location and most convenient time to deliver.

Q How do I track my item?

OOdlesbid.com makes arrangements with shippers and forwards the information to the winner.

Returns and Warranties

Q What is the return policy?

OOdlesbid.com will do everything possible to make a winner happy, however the return policies are set by the vendors not by OOdlesbid.com.

Q Are there any warranties on the item that I won?

Most items offered in the auctions come with a manufactures warranty and that goes along with the winner. No additional warranties are given by OOdlesbid.com.

Q Am I able to get a refund on an item that I won?

Not generally but it may be possible in certain circumstances. OOdlesbid.com gives the winner three business days to choose an item so choose wisely.

Q After buying in on an auction am I able to refund my used bids? What about unused bids?

OOdlesbid.com’s management and designers have developed a very specific high end auction experience for you. The goal was to keep the bid cost down over other auction sites, as on some sites you could spend more on bids trying to win a lap top computer or big screen TV than OOdlesbid.com charges for bids in the Supercar category where you could win a Ferrari, McLaren, or Lamborghini. Do to the design and nature of the site once you purchased your bids and have subscribed to an auction the bids whether used or unused are gone.

Q I accidentally purchased a bid package on a product I am not interested in, am I to get a refund?

If your purchase was made at least 4 days prior to the auction you bought bids for, you may exchange your bids for a different auction as long as the bids cost the same for the new auction you would like to bid on. There are three items shown in each auction for you to choose one from if you are the winner.

Payment Methods and Security

Q What type of security do you provide for payment?

The connection between our server and that of the payment processor is encrypted and secured. Your credit card information is not stored on any of our servers, and is secured by out connection with PayPal.

Q What methods of payment are accepted when purchasing bid packages?

We currently accept payment via all major credit cards and Paypal. If you have another method you would like to see implemented, please email us a suggestion at support@oodlesbid.com.

Q How much time do I have to claim an item that I won?

A winner has three days to let OOdles.com know which of the three items in the auction they want. During that time arrangements are made between the winner and OOdlesbid.com to get the item chosen to the winner.

My Account:

Q How do I change my Password?

You may change your password via the forgot password link on the login screen. You may also change it under your account settings.

Q I forgot my password or username. What can I do?

You may reset your password via the forgot password link on the login screen, or you may email support support@oodlesbid.com

Q How do I change my email preferences?

You may change your account settings under the 'My Account' section of the website.

Q How do I change my username?

You may change your account settings under the 'My Account' section of the website.

Q How do I change my address or add a new one?

You may change your account settings under the 'My Account' section of the website.

Q How can I see the auctions I have bid on?

You may change your account settings under the 'My Account' section of the website.

Technical Problems:

Q Recommended PC requirements

We recommend at least a Pentium 4 processor with 512 Megabytes of RAM. Additionally, you will need one of the following web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Q I am using an AOL browser and it is not letting me bid.

AOL's built in browser uses Internet Explorer 7. Unfortunately, this browser is outdated and does not work with many modern website functions. To bid on auctions on Oodlesbid.com you will need to download and install the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Q How do I activate cookies?

The method for each browser is different, but you can typically find the cookie settings for your particular browser by opening up the options or preferences menu and then going to security settings. More information can be found on each browser's respective homepage.

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