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OOdlesbid.com Corporate Statement

For the past couple of years, our development group has worked hard to bring you a different kind of online auction experience. We believe that after you have completed your first auction you will agree that Oodlesbid.com has the best products offered on any online site. It is an exhilarating experience and we know you’ll have lots of fun.

Our goal is to bring you a great experience and improve the way online auctions are ran. The first step is limiting the amount of members and bids in the auction. You read it right, we limit the amount of members you bid against, and we limit the number of bids in each auction. In typical auctions, the person with the most money wins the auction. But in an Oodlesbid auction, everyone starts out with the same amount of bids and you cannot buy more. This means the auction requires timing and skill, and is not a case of whoever has the most money wins.

Before you bid, you should watch the HOW TO BID video or read the directions on HOW TO BID. Then begin bidding in Fast Fun Auctions category to learn to bid and build your skills. When you are ready, choose an open category with prizes that you want to bid on and Go For It!

We are sure your experience will be an exciting one and you will come back over and over again to try to win some of life’s most sought after treasures.

Good Luck Everyone, Stephen B Cejner President Oodles, Corporation